What is SIPS?

Every week or so, I send out an email with reviews of hot chocolates, travel tips for the locations featured, a list of chocolate news from around the world and some sipping tips. It is all the chocolate you never realised you needed in your life

A big focus of my work is on sustainability so I always include bits relating to sustainable production and consumption.

I’m currently writing a book on chocolate for a major publisher and will share some of the insights and research from that process here as well.

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Changing the way we view hot chocolate, one sip at a time…

“Chocolate now has become something that is tipped out of a little paper bag, into a cup, dissolved with hot water and served with artificial whipped cream or a marshmallow stuck on top. This is not hot chocolate and it really pains me to think that a whole generation is growing up never knowing the glories of a truly well-made cup of hot chocolate”. James Beard, 1974

Who am I?

Hi. My name is Giselle. I’ve been documenting hot chocolates I have tasted around the world for over a decade now and write them up on my blog www.ultimatehotchocolate.com. What started out as a love of hot chocolate has taken on a life of its own. I am now a trained chocolatier and professional taster and specialise in sustainability issues in the cocoa supply chain. I use chocolate as a way of raising awareness about sustainability issues and vice versa. I am an author of 2 best selling books on business and sustainability and write for several publications including Gourmet Traveller and the Financial Times.

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Travelling around the world in search of the ultimate hot chocolate. A weekly(ish) email with hot chocolate news from around the world, reviews, travel tips and advice on supporting sustainable cocoa. (SIPS will be back early 2024)


Travelling around the world in search of the Ultimate Hot Chocolate.