Issue 17: Gianduja

Buongiorno! This week I’m still reliving my trip to Turin (click here to read part 1 and part 2). Turin isn’t just famous for its chocolate, it is also famous for hazelnuts. Chocolate has a lot of really good friends. Hazelnuts are one of its best friends and mixed together they make Gianduja. Chances are you have already tried a version of Gianduja; Nutella. I’ll admit, I was a serial Nutella spoon licker for many many years until I was corrected. Nutella is not Gianduja. While they started in the same place with the same ingredients, Gianduja is a minimum of 30% hazelnuts while Nutella is 15% hazelnuts (plus is 50% sugar, loads of palm oil and other ingredients that you will never find in the real thing. So now I make my own and my recipe is linked below. I also share a bit of background on hazelnuts in this issue and sit down for a virtual hot chocolate with the dynamic duo behind the ultimate chocolate tour of Turin.

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